Hi! My name's Chris. I've lived in Los Angeles since 1995, when I came out here for grad school. I 'm originally from the north side of Columbus, OH.

I'm a creative writer and artist and have shown my work in galleries in Los Angeles. Check out my art here.

I've also written a graphic novel! You can check out some sample pages here.

I like graphic novels, Christmas, tide pools, grilled cheese sandwiches, reading, biker moustaches, dudes, football (Ohio State and the New Orleans Saints), sea monsters, painting, pine trees, bookstores, tennis, going to the gym, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cricket Magazine, gloves with the fingers torn off, illustration, rugby players, Trina Schart Hyman, Stephen King, horror films, Hillary Clinton, film history and unexplained phenomena.

I blog about illustration, painting, Atari, films, Christmas, books...and things from my favorite era: the late 1970s/early 80s. As well as assorted other stuff!

Email: Cobbler3@yahoo.com

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Excerpting the Andy Warhol Diaries - April 7

Saturday, April 7, 1984

Benjamin and his roommate Rags heard that there was a birthday party for Julian Lennon at the Be-Bop Cafe so we decided to crash that. Got a limo that was $3 per person ($20.) Got there and pretended we thought it was open for regular business. And somebody tried to introduce me to Julian Lennon but he just looked at me and didn’t have much reaction, so we left, and then on the street we ran into a kid who asked us if we were going to Area and we said yes and took him with us. And at Area I held up the walls for a few hours.

Excerpting the Andy Warhol Diaries - August 1

August 1, 1984

…I went to the crystal doctor and it takes fifteen minutes and the three people in the waiting room I knew, even. It cost $75 and he told me my pancreas was the only thing still giving me pimples. It was fascinating. Really fascinating. He and the secretaries wear crystals around their necks. He said his was very special because it was programmed to be the head person of the crystal place. And the secretary’s was blinking like a light show. He didn’t give me a crystal, he gave me the name of a place to go to buy one and then I’ll bring it to him and he’ll check it out…

Excerpting the Andy Warhol Diaries - July 22

July 22, 1984- Aspen—New York

Benjamin showed me that his seat on the plane converted into a toilet— if you had to go the bathroom, you would have to ask him to get up and then a curtain would come around you. So that scared me into not drinking anything on the flight— you would’ve had to say, “Excuse me, but I would like to use your seat for a toilet.” But Vitas had about six sodas and still he didn’t have to use it.

So anyway, this small plane had to add fuel in Denver because a load big enough to get us to New York would’ve been too heavy to get us over the mountains, it’s a regulation. And then we stopped in Pittsburgh for a minute (candy $3). There were six seats on the plane plus the toilet seat that Benjamin sat on. Got to New York.

Excerpting The Andy Warhol Diaries - July 7

Saturday, July 7, 1984

When I was walking on the West Side one of these days, from a block and a half away I saw this little figure moving toward me, and you know, I never recognize anybody, but somehow I picked him out because he had that walk that’s like folded inside of itself that says, “I will walk straight ahead, I will not look at anybody, I will not make eye contact.” But I just felt like saying, “Hi, I think you’re great,” so I did, and he unfolded. Sean Penn. I don’t know if he knew who I was or not.

my brother as the poster boy for teenage surliness, circa 1984 - upstate NY

my brother as the poster boy for teenage surliness, circa 1984 - upstate NY

Vintage stationery letterhead No. 2

Vintage stationery letterhead No. 2

I finally saw Weekend Pass (1984) tonight — I remember wanting to see it back in 8th grade. Sadly, it wasn’t very good, but it did have some strong mid-1980s tropes like aerobics, breakdancing and Phil Hartman.