Hi! My name's Chris. I've lived in Los Angeles since 1995, when I came out here for grad school. I 'm originally from the north side of Columbus, OH.

I'm a creative writer and artist and have shown my work in galleries in Los Angeles. Check out my art here.

I've also written a graphic novel! You can check out some sample pages here.

I like graphic novels, Christmas, tide pools, grilled cheese sandwiches, reading, biker moustaches, dudes, football (Ohio State and the New Orleans Saints), sea monsters, painting, pine trees, bookstores, tennis, going to the gym, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cricket Magazine, gloves with the fingers torn off, illustration, rugby players, Trina Schart Hyman, Stephen King, horror films, Hillary Clinton, film history and unexplained phenomena.

I blog about illustration, painting, Atari, films, Christmas, books...and things from my favorite era: the late 1970s/early 80s. As well as assorted other stuff!

Email: Cobbler3@yahoo.com

CURRENTLY READING: American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis


Today is the last day of school. I had a great time roller skating! Today we are going jogging. Goodbye, journal!
Your faithful owner, Chris Stanton

Today we are going to the Art Show at the Capitol Building. We are going at 10:45.

Friday is my birthday. I had a great Memorial Day! We went to Coshocton. We had a nice time. I was tired when I got home!

Yesterday I got some new shoes. They look just like my old ones. Today we are going jogging. I have to walk.

Room 28 cancelled the lottery. Today were are going jogging. Today it supposed to get up to 80! I don’t believe it!

On Saturday I got my new room. It is where the study used to be. Today we are not going to go jogging. I am glad!

Today I decided to bring in Aesop’s Fables. Yesterday, I found a battery on the stairs. Today if I get a red token I will get a blue.

Today Sonia S is teacher for the day. Another day of wildness and crazyness in room 22! Yesterday at about 8:30 a tornado warning came on.

Today Ben is teacher for the day. For spelling we have to do, cut and paste or ten times each. For language we have to do, 7 cuplits about fantasy and illustration.

Today I brought in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I started to read it last night. I am on chapter two. Yesterday I saw “That’s Incredible!” I also saw “The Muppet Show.”

Today is the last day of April. On May 30th is my birthday! Yesterday I got a book at the library. It is called More Science Fiction Tales. I am almost done with it.

I had a nice weekend! Today, my brother got sick. On Saturday, I went to Graceland with my mom. K put up a comics bulitin board today.

Today we get our spelling tests. I brought in Frankenstein and Dracula. I got them at the public library. Today I found a compas. It is a good compas! Today we have dance and art.

Today, we got our desks changed. I have to sit by Nicole. Today I brought in my book called Superstitious? Here’s Why! I got it at Fredericks. Yesterday, I saw The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Happy Earth Day! Yesterday we had a sub. I hated her!! Today, I brought in Trouble River. It is a very exciting book! Today it is going to get up to 80! It is going to get up to 85 tomorrow.